Don't be concerned, merchants is going to be approached, not the clients directly.
We're sorting through the customer list to determine which accounts fit in with merchants.
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I'm a TrueHosting merchant and today, I observe that Truehosting is purchased from Burst. Hopefully burst get in touch and never my clients...

Sorry, I don't read individuals True Hosting posts any longer. Remove your publish after which I'll remove mine.

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Hey, Duster ... It's in your energy to not read anything about True Hosting should you so choose. If you do not like what you are watching, alter the funnel.

It appeared like smart to me to publish the question about selling inside a separate place, to ensure that it might get read and clarified by someone who wasn't fed up with wading with the reams of sad tales within the other subject. I am not thinking about beginning another lengthy thread here, however i think you skipped the purpose, inside your hurry to condemn anyone who joins within the critique of True Hosting. Nobody forced you to definitely follow the link that introduced you here.
Dustmaster (heh, you need to call yourself that rather than website owner???)... I believe this publish is 1) different for the reason that it Is not another bashing TH thread such as the others, and a pair of) since Burst has bought TH's clients, it might appear pointless to party TH as well as discuss them since TH ain't TH any longer. Yesteryear is irrelevent. Now you have to party Burst, (heh heh, juuuuust kidding Sean and also the Burst Gang!!!)

Free the mind as well as your bottom follows!

Duster would'nt it be preferable should you go above people who wish to poker fun at you do not bite and do not lower you to ultimately that much cla .
It is not about TH any longer than.

The whole point would be to still put Petey/Davey/Kaira/whatever up for legal cases for his fraudulant activities.

Simply getting "bought out" isn't a clean getaway.
Not far off:

The Englishman Who Increased a Hill
and Came Lower With No Clients.
Initially published by Duster:
Hey folks, with all of due respect, there's lots of details about True Hosting in a number of other discussions. You cannot miss it. If you wish to discover about the subject, just read. We do not need another one.

The discussion has leaking over into many who are unrelated into it and we're all fed up with it. Many people just have no idea when you should quit. A great time to do this happens when a place has been manufactured rather than bludgeoning individuals with it again and again again.

The only real reason I would recommend this discussion be ended here would be that the whole TH furor must die lower. The relaxation people have alredy been exposed to spill in other discussions, also it might easily happen again unless of course individuals obsessive about them ignore it.

Enough already, please.

The publish wasn't spilling over into every other subjects.

It is a great question and it has nothing related to the prior TH discussions.

You will find other people who may wish to know what will occur to their accounts since TH continues to be offered to Burst. And this can be a great spot for former TH clients to turn to, just in case Burst has not approached them yet. I am certain that "davey" has not bothered to inform them anything.

You earn YOUR point again and again again that you're tired of the TH stuff, yet you retain appearing in most from the TH threads investing in your two cents. Here is a tip...Don't click stuff that say Truehosting.
a minimum of my website wasnt teminated like i figured it might be if everyone actually been successful in running them bankrupt.

BUT! my website continues to be not available for many period today (two hrs i believe, so when i attempt to ftp into my account it states 'host unreachable'). what they can control panel is ugly too, with less awesome features compared to one truehosting had.

is burstnet a real reliable service?

i cant reach their home page, nor to with this up-to-date information page. yesterday i could achieve, but plenty of their pages were unreachable or otherwise found. not professional, for me.

could they be lower a great deal at this time simply because they just acquired 1000's of recent accounts and it is putting severe pressure on their own servers?

i additionally observed after i could ftp for the reason that all of the sites will vary. i suppose that my cgi is going to be screwed now

i cant even think of the discomfort truehostings merchants are dealing with. if im totally unclear about this, and that i learn about everything that's heading down... are you able to think of the merchants clientele? they most likely think their host sucks now, leading to unthinkable status damage.

from things i know, truehostings merchants have great reputations simply because they offered the truly amazing service truehosting had due to ala., however with great support (unlike what individuals say about truehosting being bad with support and fraud and all sorts of that stuff). personally i think really harmful to individuals folks at this time.

it had been inevitable though, and a minimum of now i do not need to bother about my host vanishing out of the blue (a minimum of i believe i dont have to be worrying any longer... i have no idea who burstnet is or their repetition.)

if anybody has worked together, would you begin a new forum or something like that about the subject to allow all truehosting clients understand what they'll be coping with?

Burst continues to be getting line problems and technical support trouble for quite a while now so expect downages like a normal occurance. I visited to check some prices rapidly and you know what I recieve, a DNS error so that they were lower. I highly doubt that truehosting had "thousands" of clients, mabey 500-800 For The Most Part. Burst must quit having to pay their management a lot money to allow them to hire more and more people to guy the phones and technical support. (I possibly could be wrong but for an organization that size technical support ought to be handeled correctly, take a look at their page, 1 / 2 of it's still "under construction") They simply increased method to fast and today made another stupid fast and greedy mistake by purchasing the TH clients.

guy o guy...

burstnet is really strange. ive never visited an internet site which was so screwed up (for any webhost a minimum of).

you're right, most the web pages you will find being built plus some (their forum) are 404 not found. im glad they're praising truehostings prices though, the costs featuring (space first and foremost) they provide to their personal customers are crazy.

i already miss truehosting... sure it might drive them 3-4 days to reply to technical support and often they would not even answer. however the service/account features was things i wanted. i had been so happy with them as well... that after i just read the posts by individuals upset clients i possibly could not accept is as true.

anyhow, i would like a minimum of 98% uptime and never 2 days have passed by with burstnet and it is been lower (not up) over 60% of times. what gives burstnet? ok last one, i really experienced my account by ftp and my cgi-bin is missing... wtf!

i question the way they will handle the billing stuff too. i taken care of my account for the entire year, burstnet better since and never attempt to charge me extra! *sigh* i personally don't like change, i really hope this works out to become a good change... otherwise i'll most likely never come online again for any super very long time.

guess i ought to email their support team with these issues, but you never know when they may even reply.
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