I'm considering moving my hosting to site5 and i'm wondering if anybody has any issues with site5 or any reasons I should not move? Also does anyone know any host that enables you to host several site on a single account?
Iam considering moving too, lookin in to the ultimate plan...

doesany one have info ?
Around the Ultimate Plan i'm wondering if anyone knows exactly what the "Sub-leasing/ multi-hosting permitted" section is.
Really, I'm with Site5 at this time. Those are the best hositng company I've ever been with. Their support is excellent and fast. For those who have an issue, just e-distribute them and you will come with an answer anwhere from 2 minutes for an hour. Should you ICQ them, its virtually instantly. Excellent.

The Best Plan's excellent, but for the "Sub-Leasing/Mutli-Hosting Permitted", I'd say you're gonna need to e-distribute them. It means you are able to host multiple domain names, however i doubt it.

E-distribute them at sales@site5.com

You won't be dissappointed.

Is site5 a merchant for anybody? Not it's a bad factor, just asking 'cause I am searching.

Also, appears like I recall a publish somewhere (unsure where) about the subject being co-situated with Burst. I'd read that Burst was getting some issues with down time. Is site5 also going through these complaints?

I had been attempting to perform a traceroute to Site5's server to ascertain if it's co-situated but not one of them will work, all of them just timeout. I'm on the slow connection to ensure that may be the problem. If a person wouldn't mide would you perform a traceroute of Site5.com and publish the outcomes. -Thanks
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I had been attempting to perform a traceroute to Site5's server to ascertain if it's co-situated but not one of them will work, all of them just timeout. I'm on the slow connection to ensure that may be the problem. If a person wouldn't mide would you perform a traceroute of Site5.com and publish the outcomes. -Thanks
I can not have it either, destination host unreachable...However, from things i did see, it's running via a provider backboned with qwest...The 15 hops I possibly could get were just like burst.net, truehosting.com *cringe*, vdi.net, and awardhosting.com *cringe*, they *CLAIM* they aren't a merchant, that is possible, however they do elope of qwest, that ought to be great...

Burst.Net, Site5, and lots of other hosts are located in the vdi.net facility. Site5 isn't a merchant- it is the owner of or rents the servers from VDI. They don't, however, own the NOC- VDI.NET does. You need to note, however, the Huge Most of hosts today don't own their very own NOC, and lease or co-locate elsewhere either to obtain a better connection (OC3's aren't dropped into offices, and charges for T3 or T1 lines could be tremendous) or for only a better cost.


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AAA,, if you're located by Site5.com are you able to assist me to, I simply got a merchant account , and i'm getting lots of challenge with my website... the general public_html directory and stuff...

hey what exactly are their ICQ amounts for support...
they sent me for this help-desk factor. I did not assistance to much...

Thanks .
I'd website hosting account with Site5 for 6 month now and that i really hate it. These were co-situated with Burst.net however they gone to live in new co-location provider. Additionally they had large down time and these days their servers are lower. I'd say they've good services so far as customer and technical support goes but downtimes are actually bad. So far as it is going for assistance e-mail me at vladgil@nccw.net or arrived at ICQ #50498602 and I'll assist you to. Please let me know what can you'll need and what is the problem. I'm an online services specialist and supply advice and established to clients in Cleveland Area. If you need anything just e-mail me.
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Hmm, I believed of choosing Site5.com myself, but I have yet to get an answer to some question I sent their sales agents yesterday.

Also, I am unable to access www.motion5.com
well I have no idea why everybody says their support is really good, Matt always appears to become offline constantly, or possibly its this week, however when he's online he is able to answer many questions I've,,,
Anybody got their coustomer support amounts...

ps. Why is not their subdomain feature working !! They ought to have explained this feature continues to be implemanted....
Motion5 is obtainable for me personally.

Matt is Offline ALOT, but when you ICQ him, you typically have an ICQ 20 seconds later.

Site5 is certainly not similar to BurstNET. Their uptime is extremely better.

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I'm a site5.com customer even though I like the technical support people (when they're on the internet and responding to ICQ) their down time stinks. I have tied to them within the last two several weeks, wishing they'll obtain stuff together....I am waiting how to determine whether they will have the ability to get this site ready to go with better uptime....Personally i think kinda foolish to be patient and waiting it...

Anybody have another option that i can take a look at? Burst continues to be lower alot too...I can not stand the thought of switching hosts simply to uncover that I have moved but bad to badder...
Stick to Site5 a little bit longer. I will have multiple domain names located by them soon. My current account is excellent, but when it enhances, I'll transfer 4-5 more to Site5.

Matt asures me that things are being taken proper care of.

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Should you join now, you will in all probability be placed around the server I take a seat on. I became a member of to begin april/finish of march...I am around the only server, it appears with space. I have requested these to move me to a different of the servers, but this is not possible since all of the IP's for individuals servers are utilized up.

So, you're most likely looking at among the other 4 servers that's wonderful and getting excellent uptime. The audience about this server is affected with terrible terrible daily downtimes...actually within the last 7 days, I have only had 1 week which was up constantly. The relaxation of times I have spent with black outs for some reason. Matt has assured me all is going to be well, however i keep hearing that from him...and that i no more get assurances. Like I have stated, they're a lot more than nice. However I need my website on the reliable server. I'm still wishing magic happens....but I am not expecting it any longer. I am searching for a brand new home.
We use Dual P III's and RAID through Alabanza, so down time both on server and connection is extremely minimal. Seems like Site5 might have bigger issues with such severe down time amounts. We'll get the site up.

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Kathy, moving from site5 to Burst would enable you to get off that server (same network, similar user interface). As I personally don't have any complaints with Burst's support, individuals have been worrying it has slowed down. They've got more clients than site5 and lately required with an additional 2000 accounts, so my prediction is the fact that could keep them busy for a little. If you're much like me, as long as situations are running right, you do not need a great deal of support.

Apart from Burst, you could also wish to check dids.com which is comparable to site5 (more compact company than Burst on a single network). They may provide you with faster support since so far as I understand, they are not as large yet (however i might be wrong!).

All hosts on that network happen to be getting some problems with the network because of a, however i think these complaints are now being done, and inside a month considerably better.

Otherwise, from things i often hear, Alabanza servers and repair appears good (among the hosts that utilizes them published above, but you will find many hosts using alabanza), and OLM runs a great ship, but cost a few of their services from my range. They request $20/gig for further bandwidth, while site5 provides you with more to begin with and (It is $12/g) less for further.
I simply researched their website...
Hmmmmmmm...I am talking about...it may sound good.
But will they offer domain pointing whatsoever??
On top of that..could they be a licensed company or exist lots of people which are getting issues with that..not only the down-time..
despite the fact that if their troubles are remaining like others stated here b4..it does not matter if they're reliable or otherwise..
cause they suck anyway *lol*
What exactly are all of the hosts situated within the vdi.net facility. Im beginning to create a listing. The main reason I'm wondering the reason being I believe they merely get one line its the hosts which is probably not good.

Here's my list to date (correct me if im wrong),

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