Why watch for Communitech to provide you with the ax? The thing is what they're doing... Thinking about just move your website now without having to be worried about them?

BTW, the present batch of clients who sites are now being suspended are lucky for-the-proven fact that previously, Communitech just suspended the accounts with no warning.


My website is presently using Communitech like a host and I'm going to be moving an energetic Ezboard to some UBB on the website and I am worried that my website together with others lately is going to be suspended by Communitech and finally removed. I fould a hosting site known as Site5.com and wondered if it might be a trusted substitute if Communitech provides on me.
You need to use the search function the following in here (up through the preferences, profile link) just type company title in and find out what results arrive.

HostCaters--We Cater Hosting
Yes, Site5 is a superb company. I love them alot. They'd be ideal inside your situation.

Adam "fibroptikl" Lysne
Well the only real reason I am not only departing happens because I already taken care of an entire year ahead of time...so...
another factor, I have been reading through about Site5 and located that a couple of several weeks ago they'd lots of down time. They have fixed their servers yet?
Hi, I'm able to answer that question.

Yes when Mission experienced their problems everybody @ vdi had problems, however since that time level3 continues to be installed and also the MCI lines are likely to start instillation in around 2 . 5 days now.

Once MCI is performed there might be forget about downage excuses blamed online problems (unless of course two work deck hands are digging and occur to have the ability to in some way remove both MCI and Level3 lines @ once)

Daniel Pearson
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How will you even *say* that! I sure hope that will not happen, heh!
Oh, okay thanks! And So I guess, if Communitech pulls the plug, I've somewhere to show to...
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