Hi everybody,

It could appeal to you to understand which i have a junk e-mail e-mail from the forged address (which I'll be happily spamcopping quite soon) concerning the latest 'craze' in domains : '.hm'. Here's the written text :

Click the link -&gt http://www.myname.hm - "dot home" is here now!

Skipped on the us dot com craze? Presenting us dot hm!
The brand new domains for home pages! .HM domains work
globally - much like .com!

HM domains are valuable assets. Individuals who registered
short, memorable .com names in the past have
offered them for 1000's, even huge amount of money! (business.com
lately offered for $7 million!). The need for .HM domain names are sure
to improve every day! You will get the great, short and simple to
remember names before another person does!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This email is the initial step in starting
our national marketing campaign. We've already planned
advertisements prominately in PC Magazine, USA Today as well as on television.
We're proclaiming to offer you a unique invitation to seize the very best names
Prior to the ton of recent sign ups for that new HM
domain space starts! We're supplying a unique
chance, providing you with an internal track on what is,
the following "big factor" hitting the web - "dot home." You'll
Not have a much better chance than Now to get
the very best names available!

Already own b .org title? It's also wise to make an effort to register
that same .hm title to safeguard an investment you've placed
inside your company title or image. A few of the greatest gamers
online industry, like WebMD (www.webmd.hm) and
Apple (www.pentium.hm) have previously registered their names.

Visit http://www.myname.hm right now to get your own
"dot home" title!

For Permanant Remove
1. Be skeptical.
2. I've found it quite amusing that somebody would even attempt to publicize it like a 'home' domain. It certainly does not pass the 'speakability' test - try saying 'hm' 15 occasions rapidly and you will see what i'm saying
3. I question when the top level .hm registrar is involved? (I suspect not, but who knows...)

Talking about which, the .hm extension goes to Heard and McDonald Islands, a sub-Antarctic outpost within the Southern Indian Sea that is an Australian research outpost. http://www.iana.org/root-whois/hm.htm offers the information. Simultaneously, the Admin contact shows up as someone from capital.net.au, who also transpires with run TotalNIC.

Err..... Now I have gone completely off subject. I would really consider signing up a particular domain... I'll shut up now.
With more than 200 nations on the planet, I question the number of greater number of these "latest craze" in TLDs we are likely to see. We ahve .cc, .ws (charged as World Site). Moldava/Moldavia is selling .md domains to doctors all over the world (in a hefty premium, I would add), and today .hm

ICANN has introduced newer and more effective TLDs not far off (which appear about as helpful as udders on the bull).

We talked about this very subject lately at http://www.webhostingtalk.com/ubb/Fo...ML/000426.html

Without doubt it had been cheaper for Apple to join up Pentium (a trademarked title) unde the various country domain names rather than pay to protect their claim. Heck, they are able to purchase a domain reputation for under it cost for any letter by their lawyers.

Home domain, .hm? Ho hum.
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