I help you possess a hardware forum any possibility of an application forum..the idea being that newcomers can use outside assistance using what programs are great to produce their sites and FTP to up load etc..it is not directly hosting related but it's related should you cant FTP you cannot place your files on your host and when you do not understand what program to make use of (apart from notepad) you will not have almost anything to FTP *G*
I would be off and thats awesome thought Id request

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to be sure
finding decent software is equally as hard as getting a decent host LOL Im a beta tester for any large HTML editor that's just racked with problems and never small ones the type which takes your computer type problems...the program rateing places stink they provide high honours to crappy programs and rate solid ones low(seem familliar?)..it might be nice with an outlet to talk about encounters and also to warn people
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