HalfPrice Hosting want to start by saying thanks to everyone for
your past and future patronage. The next e-newsletter
consists of information when it comes to your website hosting

HalfPrice Hosting is ongoing rapid growth because of the
ever-growing hosting needs individuals, our clients. We're
morning and evening (literally) to boost our services to satisfy
your altering needs, and also to improve the amount of service that
you're presently receiving.

Within the coming days you won't just see a rise in the dimensions
in our customer service staff, but additionally, you will see enhanced network
speed and extra tech support team assets being made
open to you via our site and our customer user interface.

Network Update

Speed from the Network

HalfPrice Hosting clients might find greatly enhanced network
speed within the coming days as AT&T installs additional
high-speed connections.

Installing of a bigger 'cisco' router continues to be completed and all sorts of
technical specs happen to be released. Brand new lines come in place
and "live" by March 31st with initial connections beginning on
the twentieth.

Exactly what does this suggest for you personally like a customer?

Speed!!! Adding wrinkles will make sure that normally
only 35% from the total available bandwidth towards the network is going to be
used. Anticipate seeing faster response occasions coinciding using the
installing of wrinkles.

FTP / FrontPage Upload Issues

As network speed increases, a lot of you will see that FTP /
FrontPage upload problems will decrease. Keep in mind that you
have to choose whether FTP client or FrontPage solely for
uploading your files. Switching backwards and forwards may cause errors
as older details are recommended, as opposed to the lately
submitted information.

E-mail Issues

As numerous individuals have observed, email is becoming progressively
unstable in the last days. This degradation in performance is
entirely because of the current attacks our SMTP server has experienced
from people who've sent 'spam' through our network.

Additionally, we're under growing pressure from your 'upstream'
companies to prevent this unauthorized utilization of our network.

To be able to avoid any potential issues with this companies, we
have became a member of other large internet companies (AT&T, MindSpring,
Earthlink, etc) in order to reduce this activity.

Effective 3/17/2000, you'll no more have the ability to 'send' mail
through our network. You still have the ability to 'receive' email at, but will need to configure your email client
(Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, etc) to transmit mail making use of your dialup
provider's SMTP server.

This really is quickly becoming the conventional as Internet companies attmept
to curb the unauthorized utilization of their service systems. We
apologize for that inconvenience this might cause, but causeing this to be
change will greatly enhance our network stability and

We've put together an internet page that consists of instructions and
SMTP server list for the majority of the major companies over the US.

For instance, here's an excerpt from MindSpring...

MindSpring Dial-up customers: To prevent junk e-mail (unrequested, bulk e-mail)
and in order to be considered a better Internet neighbor, MindSpring
mandates that their clients only use MindSpring servers to transmit
e-mail when attached to a MindSpring access number. Please
adjust your outgoing servers to mirror there information found

You will see their list at

Tech Support Team News:

When you're initially establishing user accounts in Imail be
certain to "uncheck list administrator". Please leave "allow web
access" checked. Furthermore, Imail managers who see
"invalid folders" error, please send the consumer account an evaluation email
message to itself to obvious this message.

Site Changes

Within the coming days you will observe a brand new search for the HalfPrice
Hosting site. In the last month we've been trying to
create a site that'll be simpler to navigate, provide more
more information regarding our services, and offer our
clients with loaded with aged tech support team

The brand new site will even include our new automated register
process that's made to simplify the account activation
process whilst stopping errors and delays within the overall
account activation process.

For those who have any queries concerning the new site, please let's
know at

Customer Comments Urged

We would like your input! As numerous of you know, we're
presently while enhancing our tech support team staff,
re-starting our site, and creating a new and enhanced
Customer User Interface.

In developing these characteristics, we have to know what you would like
like a hosting customer. Please tell us if you will find additional
features that you're searching for, assets that people can offer
to help you using the development and upkeep of your internet
site. Please send your reactions to

We wish to thanks ahead of time for the input and appear
toward receiving your reactions.

HalfPrice Hosting is delivering the next e-newsletter to any or all e-mail
addresses that come in our billing database as 'open'. HalfPrice
Hosting doesn't endorse bombarding or unrequested commercial
email (UCE) in all forms. If you think that you've received this
e-mail by mistake, please send an e-mail to
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