which host do you consider is the greatest one for selling? I'd should you prefer a host that accompany a professional user interface to ensure that my clients can certainly administer their host... and never overload me with techsupport...

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I would recommend Burst.Net like a merchant...there is a very great user interface and incredibly reliable services. The plans are very well considered and can benefit anybody who subscribes like a merchant... I've lately registered with burst.net like a merchant and they've given me top knotch quality forever.

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take a look at http://www-hosting.net

There is a merchant program and referral program. Control sections will also be incorporated in each and every account
Hello PepsiCoke,

You've got a TYPO error ?

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial,Helvetica,Verdana ">quote:</font><HR>They possess a merchant program and referral program. Control sections will also be incorporated in each and every account[/quote]

It ought to be "WE" rather than They. Right Gary or another person in www-hosting.net?

Must i tell everybody which i had a merchant account located on your part couple of years back. Must i tell everybody which i had cancelled my account along with you yet you'll still charged me over and over even thou i requested you to definitely stop charging me?

Hi Gordon

I simply want to address you relating to your publish. Because you left www-hosting.net, we've since been aquired with a New England company, and that we also have installed a customized fully automated billing program that has fixed the errors within our billing

Why did not you cancel the costs after i keep suggesting that you cancel it via Email and ICQ msgs? I receive no reply of your stuff.

Like i stated, whenever you were with Website Hosting Network, their were a lot of problems, one was billing, that was done all manuelly. Since that time we've made a lot of changes, the most crucial was the billing. We spent over $6,500 on the customized billing program which ended our billing problems. I don't remember you first hands, but I know there have been a lot of problems previously. For whatever its worth, we're sorry the problems you had been getting weren't addressed by me or other people at Website Hosting Network.

Since that time, we've aquired 4 new servers, and much more employees. We've just been aquired with a New England Web service provider.

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