Well I have not used at all either, but I've got a comment about ThinkHost.

1) I have heard their support is great.

2) I am a moderator at TWF (www.website owner-forums.com), and that i remember once when ThinkHost spammed the forums multiple occasions. Whether this matters for you or otherwise can be you.

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Hi all
Does anybody know anything about hostgo.com or thinkhost.com? These were both suggested in another forum.

I made use of ThinkHost once for any website. The experiance was pretty good. It had been average. I would suggest them.

Jay Betancourt
Never purchase website hosting again!
Their average plus they had many clients who're designers. Well, I figured of signing together however, never accomplished it because they don't offer user interface for that clients. It's nothing matter though. Try them.

Thanks men
I simply realized that thinkhost don't support ASP... Anybody are conscious of a number concentrating on the same features which do support ASP??
Thank you
I've had my website located with hostgo for around 3 several weeks and also the service continues to be great. I'd some trouble getting my guestbook working as well as their support people assisted me have it working.

Although they don't have ASP on their own servers, they are doing have intends to offer it later on.


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Thanks greatly
I actually do desire to use FP2000 and ASP therefore it appears like I want a NT host
Hello Frank,

Should you read ths message carefully, it requested if anybody knows anything about hostgo.com or thinkhost.com? Not regarding your company. Therefore PLEASE STOP Bombarding in here .If you'd like to market your website, kindly get it done at Advertise forum. Your publish is going to be Erased.


No we do not offer ASP, however i also aren't seeing Jay to be our customers previously or now, but he's advertising his company. Seems like junk e-mail in my experience. Ahem!

Justin: please watch it using the accusations -- we never spammed anybody, and that i clearly demonstrated that people never did. Allows reduce the accusations and flaming of other web hosting companies right? :-)

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