This site,, is
presently located with a superb Web service provider with whom
I like an excellent rapport and fantastic service. However, I'm searching for a
BETTER bandwidth deal than the usual fee every month of
$275 for just two.5 gb of space *and*
75 gb of bandwidth monthly.
Ideally, I would like a set-rate with no
supplemental "per gig" charges. My website uses
75-100 gigs per month of bandwidth, mostly as
a direct result multimedia downloads

Essentially, I want less disc space,
more bandwidth, along with a better cost.

For those who have high-speed connectivity and
can beat this cost substantially...
together with having the ability to provide other
needed email and ftp services I like,
please get in touch.

Note: this isn't a grownup website and it has
never been located with an adult server!

Please get in touch if interested.

T. DiSisto
I believe you might like to read a few of the other discussions in which the term "unlimited bandwidth" is talked about. Mostly, it is a large lie.

Disk space is way less expensive than bandwidth. It is next to nothing to allocate more disk space whereas bandwidth charges are incurred and mist be compensated because of your Web service provider for their supplier(s). Really the only limitation of disk space is its part in the number of account can be put on particular server, though using multiple drives can render that the moot point. The large consideration is the number of share a processor.

You clearly come with an account where couple of share the assets of the server, to ensure the greater charge (together with your bandwidth usage). Even moving to some devoted server might not lower your monthly costs and might increase them.

Dialtone Internet has Cobalt RAQ3 servers beginning at $200 monthly, however the extra 25 gb (50 is incorporated and appears fairly standard among hosts) can cost you $75 more ($3 per gb.

Should you look lengthy enough, you will probably find a rather better cost, but at what cost. You've already stated you receive great service out of your present host, making you quite fortunate. You will find lots of really bad ones, and also the type of usage you've brings the worst inside them considerably faster.

You simply should be pleased with what you have.

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would $255 sway you?

15 gig of space and 100 gig of bandwidth.
Initially published by y2k:
would $255 sway you?

15 gig of space and 100 gig of bandwidth.
yes , How can i find this type of host ? will it allow emulation sites ?

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