I went across these men plus they say they provide u a totally free domain title. I simply heard installed some large banner on ur site also it doesn't go away. SOme say there's a code killer available, among the finest some info if anybody has screwed together
There's lots of JScript banner murders available, but here is a couple of tips :

1. A website costs only $10-12 now. So saving your pennies and dollars mean you will get one soon. (http://www.weblaunching.net or joker.com for more info)

2. When the Namezero people discover, they remove your domain for breaking the TOS.

My advice - just purchase the damn factor!
Should you check earlier messages, In my opinion there is a undisclosed catch for their free domain title offer. They purchased it. Somebody here required them on their offer having a throwaway domain title and discovered they registered it within their title. That's one method to make certain you stick to them.

It's dishonest and dishonest to kill advertisements in case your service depends upon it. If you do not like advertisements, go elsewhere. Otherwise, stay with the the agreement you decided to.
I really like the moving eyes icon...
this is the domain I acquired from their store for that thrill of seeing what went down. It could just be my eyes, but did the underside bar develop? And That I still do not get the advertisement. Irrrve never see anything marketed apart from their very own service.
i shouldn't go agaisnt the TOS. However i know description of how the suck. And so i also know you will find no real java murders available and so i have a friend is laying in my experience. thanks men and gals.
There's code available to get rid of the ad banners. The thing is, particularly with namezero, that besides the moral problem, they register "your" domain within their title. You wreck havoc on them, they'll yank the domain out of your cheating clutches. Because they should.
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