Are you able to provide me with
500megs webspace
8 - 16 gig bandwidth
30 FTP accounts
limitless e-mail etc..
host ten to twenty domain names
our very own nameservers
and user interface
for approximately $60 - 70 p/m
get in touch at
You could try considering a devoted server, possibly a Cobalt Raq
Dear Mr. Buono:

Our Enhanced Unix plan has the majority of the features you're searching for. We can't offer you your personal title servers. For particulars about our account plans, please visit .

Frank Rietta

Phone: 770-623-2059
Fax: 770-495-0914
If you are planning for any Raq, visit I love them! If you're just searching for more than enough room,and so on visit They've all you need.

Best of luck!
Rieta is providing a great deal for around five dollars per month under communitech charges. He's a merchant for communitech, but appears to provide value to his clients. If you are going to cover 6 several weeks or even more at any given time, you may save something over his rates, but you will need to take control of your site by utilizing Carpal tunnel syndrome support (which is not always the very best).
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