To begin with,

Around 9:30pm, this site continues to be disabled or erased removed from the
server without any ?&lifier)(?$**ing warning or indication at completely after i became a member of.

Without a doubt the reality, I get so fed up with the corporation already and giving me
head aches. I've virtually of my clients, now I must bitch up myself and searching for
an host. There's no this type of good host that will perform a serious business unless of course messing me
around. Now i'm losing money here...

Shall We Be Held speaking an suit might be declared no indication letting me know it will likely be disabled and so i
could be better plan to make obligations to help keep the account outstanding but guess *****
does not. Ok last one, thier website that states best, top ranked host with best customer support etc
etc, take your pick but you know what? They're so awful at this time nothing like previously and that i start
recognizing that now...

For future host people, if you wish to register having a company for either website hosting,
devoted servers, whatever you need. Never register with ***** whatsoever. They're awful
and they've a lot of loopholes in thier server and could be easy be compromised and that i have a pity party for
them plus they spend over our limits shitload of throw away cash putting all thier top rates on all host
search sites and located them annyoing making clients thinks those are the best however they
aren't! Would you heard me, I only say NO!

I get bitchy at this time, I believe I better move my ass and get a new host and move my
clients beside me so keep my opportunity good and stable otherwise I'm screwed in a major way ...
Thankfully my whois details are listed at other domain title therefore it wont affected, I had been
wise. I'm gonna look for a host and find out things i need. Maybe you can assist me but don't forget I simply
spend $4,600 on newborn stuff for my newborn boy and so i am flat broke. Maybe you may be
hontest and assist me to to get began once again.

If nothing happens to date throught the weekend, I would proceed to Alabazna, heard those are the
best and stable... I understand they're limited however the stuff they provide does rocks.... I'll think
about this... Anybody who wanna be parnter beside me, you are invited to message me at and that we can discuss how you can do, etc. I've got a guy who would like to do that
but needs more parnters.. So get in touch for more particulars.

Sorry basically bring this you sad news however i want to express, ***** is definitely an awful, suck,
terrible, slowness, hackness, uncooperation, lyings, plus much more. Take your pick. You already
know, okay?


Thanks and also have a nice evening!

The main reason ***** is certainly going to waste is because don't have any money. It cost lots of money to ship servers and also to be co situated.
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