I understand Peter Francis Macrae, and that he did not plan to rip anybody off. He just could not deal with the demand he received. I guess all of you believe that its realy good to slag someone of to one another, your all nonwinners.
All I think are UNLUCKY because he is totally loaded as well as your not.
Irrrve never got scammed once by them/Peter and was amazed at the number of did...in the beginning. I am not surprised any longer due to his posts here and yours does not help the entire factor either. :p

I apologize Donna, but whether you are receiving lots of registrations each day, supplying a fast refund isn't difficult that was the primary problem In my opinion. You do not give a one month money-back guarantee if you do not plan to follow-through.

"He just could not deal with the demand he received." and you say "as he's completely loaded"

That will imply he'd enough money to employ some staff to assist him using the load, when he'd done there wouldn't happen to be any problems whatsoever. Their own mistake and that he warrants to become bankrupt for this.

I felt overloaded with 10 accounts after i began selling and stopped accepting new orders and so i could please each client for their satisfaction. Peter only agreed to be very greedy and wanted money a lot more than to possess a great business.

From things i read, Peter stated 'unlucky' to a lot of people by email. Is an english factor? Or are you currently Peter? heh... let us not start that again.

Hopefully admin will close this thread before it is out of control again... *l*
Everybody knows which kind of person he's.

It's surprising you come here just start this thread, did he pay out?

This really is clearly going nowhere, let TrueHosting relaxation in hell.


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