Is run by Joe Merkle? or has he quit?
Err... The title Joe Merkle returns bad dreams.

To reply to your question: No, Ultra Internet (, isn't by any means associated with Universe-Web Internet Services. That clients are bankrupt defunct. We bought their old equipment using their upstream provider, who had acquired it. We stored all of their DNS/Insolvency practitioners, and compensated an additional year from the Universe-Web domain title to be able to allow our local dialup customers to retain their emails (most of them companies, using the Gweb current email address printed on literature). We required on Gweb's local dialup subscriber base however, because of liability issues, elected not to defend myself against its web-hosting clients. We did offer its (web-hosting) clients services in a special rate when they desired to stick to our servers some made the decision to accept deal, plus some didn't.

I really hope this solutions all of your questions. If you'd like to inquire any more, you might message me at, or call (573) 369-3300.


H. Cato
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