I have looked and looked and looked. I am being screwed over by burst-net and that i require a new devoted host NOW! any recomendations? i am a website design/webhost however i also run the most popular UBB forum on the website and so i occupy 50 gigs of transfer/monthly. I am kicking myself because of not registering with Dialtone Internet's $177/mo special, ok now what can i do? What is the best host? netinfra.com? catalog.com? tera-byte.com? I'd should you prefer a user interface but it is not really a must, I simply actually need affordable bandwidth and a simple method to add more domain names on my small machine.

Individuals are a handful of ded. server companies.

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Add your-site.com to that particular list too.
Based on your cost ranges, you are able to have a look at our co-location deals (wich could be changed inside a devoted server deal)
Have a look at: http://services.can-host.com/?url=co-location

You could send me some questiosn you might have about them too

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Hello, Try tera-byte they're fast reliable and that we havent experienced no down time well should i only say my pal hasnt. it had been a website i made use of but she out increased the bandwidth i possibly could offer and so i stated try tera-byte and she or he continues to be more than pleased using the service.
Technical, I would suggest you to definitely find out more, not because someone were built with a bad knowledge about one company implies that clients are bad...
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