I am managing a website with site visitors from around the globe however the majority (about 50-60%) of my site visitors come from the united states. I am swedish myself and I wish to get a new webhost so my real question is:

Is it more beneficial to possess a swedish webhost or must i look for an american - based host?

Technical british can be difficult to know sometimes but I am worried about the bond speed towards my US site visitors basically make use of a swedish host. Are you aware if that's an issue?

Also, basically should make use of a swedish host are you able to recommend one?
Dear Aradiel,

Because you will learn more than 60% from the total Internet-human population is American. I'm myself United kingdom-based and located that certain of my major issues with webhosting was that after I had been awake (European time), the united states was asleep and thus was my US-webhosting company. This resulted in basically were built with a problem I needed to hold back until the united states awoke, that is about 7/8/9 hrs following the Men and women and than you finish up working in the center of the evening to resolve the issue.

Please read my question regarding European hosting or 24 hrs US-host around the General Webhosting-forum.

I don't know any Swedish hosts, but be careful with the selection of host. I'm a began and required the incorrect one, now i'm having to pay for this. I discovered some simple readable info on http://techcellence.net (right-hands menu). (Matt, I apologise for that promotion.)

No suggestions about the rate.

Best of luck,


I'm swedish as if you and also have requested myself, and others, this exact same question. Following a large amount of analysis to the matter I've discovered not good answer. The bond speed is not a problem however the connectivity (having the ability to cope with towards the server) have sometimes been a hurdle.

I'm still with my US host and can most most likely live there because the connectivity weren't an issue recently. They (www.dids.com), unlike swedish hosts provide round-the-clock support and I have not had any problems like Gerard, needing to watch for support to awaken.

So far as swedish hosts go I've scouted www.fsdata.se plus they appear good.

Please message me for those who have every other questions.


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