Tugging my hair out looking for a decent host. Veoweb.net appear to possess things i want, but appear to possess had some problems lately. Ping answers are excellent, however i take some feedback from clients etc.
PCISD also appear much less bad, but read some bad reviews also.

Otherwise can anybody recommend a number offering 300-500 mbs, decent data-transfers, pop3's etc. along with a devoted Ip. Appropriate for hosting my customer websites (design/hosting packages)
You are invited to take a look at our plans
HostCaters.Com http://www.hostcaters.com

We all do offer IP, 300MB/500MB (several plans)
you obtain 10GB transfer monthly, might be what you're searching for...otherwise best of luck!
When you get an opportunity, have a look where Sometimes.

All website hosts won't be the same. Best Of Luck, Mitch

Publichost.com /SiteStream Technology
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