BC and (I believe) tk search all of them to heck every other opinions? I would like a website and that i need it NOW!
Hi,I am not sure which kind of plan you're searching for, that can help should you condition that the next time?

HostCaters--We Cater Hosting
I have spoken to Ben S. from veo a few occasions, and that he appears just like a good guy. There is a pretty active discussion board, have become good reviews at hostsearch.com, and therefore are Alabanza-based. They likewise have a 30-day guarantee, so why wouldn't you just provide them with a whirl if you would like it now?

Hosting Matters, Corporation.

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I do not think they're Alabanza based.

Domain Title: VEOWEB.Internet
Whois Server: whois.registrars.com
Referral URL: www.registrars.com
Title Server: DNS.VEOWEB.Internet
Title Server: DNS2.VEOWEB.Internet
Up-to-date Date: 06-marly-2000

Server Title: DNS.VEOWEB.Internet
Whois Server: whois.registrars.com
Referral URL: www.registrars.com

root@claymont [/]# whois
Virtual Development Corporation (NETBLK-VDI) VDI 216.10.. -
BurstNET Technologies, Corporation. (NETBLK-VDI-BURSTNET-) VDI-BURSTNET-
216.10.. -

To pick out one record, look up with "!xxx", where xxx may be the
handle, proven in parenthesis following a title, which will come first.

The ARIN Registration Services Host consists of ONLY Internet
Network Information: Systems, ASN's, and related POC's.
Please make use of the whois server at rs.internic.net for DOMAIN related
Information and whois.nic.mil for NIPRNET Information.
WOW... I believe you are right, Clay. I understand that the very small amount of time ago these were Alabanza based, so that they should have just gone to live in the VDI.net NOC (where BurstNET is situated).

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Website Design: http://www.infostardesign.com
Hmm. They are an Alabanza based host however their website is located at VDI. And when I am not mistaken, their biggest package (the main one with 20GB bandwidth) is located at VDI too. Correct me if I am wrong.

Andrew Chen
Nearly all veo's plans are located on Alabanza-servers. The only person that is not may be the large dog account w/20G.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
Yeap. That is what I am saying.

Andrew Chen
Wow: because of everybody... I have heard one sinister whisper about Alabanza which was non-specific and perhaps totally safe to disregard... Possibly DreamHost could it be, in the end.
This really is a great deal harder than I figured.

Thank you for everyone's comments.
Among the finest to obvious up this VDI/Alabanza problem.

About two several weeks ago we've got our new servers by Alabanza and began moving our clients to there. We're while departing the VDI NOC. However our primary site is still located there.

Hope that sheds some light about this problem..


Benjamin S.
VeoWeb Staff http://www.veoweb.net
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