Just saw this at nanae

Register.com is suing Verio for bombarding its clients.
Now it's time ...sure hope they win and take Verio towards the cleansers
Serves them right! They have done exactly the same with Dotster's stuff too apparently. Certainly one of my buddies registered a website contributing to a couple of days later have a call from Verio. The man experienced the hosting site my pal was planning to choose and demonstrated no whim at making EVERYTHING to be considered a lie.

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VERIO explained there is a software or something like that it'll inform them if a person register a brand new title.
Same my mother purchase a domain and wish to perform a poetey site and VERIO known as her and that i made the decision to call back and bitched them ... Exactly what a awful company ever I seen!
So how exactly does Verio obtain the particulars once the domain title is registered? Would not it be Network Solutions fault for providing them with the data (or nonetheless they registered the domain title though) - Verio does not get access to everything info will they.

I understand they are able to perform a whois... however i doubt thats the way they obtain the info.

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Perhaps you have people attended verio's and examined their prices!!! WOW!

$249 for 140 Megabytes space and 8 Gigs tranfer!!!!

And that i thought OLM was costly!

Network Solutions is not related to it. Regrettably, domain sign ups are among the major causes of addresses utilized by spammers (together with newsgroup posts). The Whois database is really a shared one (it would need to be) and every registrar can access the sign ups in every other peoples records.

Regrettably, it appears a simple factor to complete to extract records from Whois. It is among the reasons I personally use whether non-existent e-mail address there or perhaps a drop box which i never check. Whatever you get from this is junk e-mail.

As Greg stated, Verio's costs are exorbitant. You can aquire a devoted server for the similar or under they need for shared server hosting. It may sound just like a Texas deal in my experience, El Paso!

(no offense intended towards Texas or Texans, who, it's wished, haven't lost their spontaneity).

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OK then,

If they're just getting addresses from the whois database, then I am certain that's junk e-mail plus they deserve the things they get.

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