I'm presently searching to alter hosts, and also have made the decision that you will get that which you purchase in existence.

I'm presently searching at Verio's VPS (Vps), there Platinum plan, at Dells shared server plans.

Does anybody have comments or encounters with of those website hosts, in terms or reliability, support, speed, down time etc. ?

I truly appreciate any help that you can to provide. Thanks ahead of time.

From what others have reported, and from I have observed, Verio is really an accumulation of companies and repair can differ in one to a different.

Dell is fairly a new comer to hosting, a tad under two several weeks based on someone I understand who registered together a few days ago. That isn't lots of time to judge their support. They create pretty decent hardware, but hosting is one thing else again.
Thanks Duster.

The thing is things i ideally would really like is really a devoted sever that accompany all of the pre set up software for example Cgi, SSL, etc.

The reason behind this really is which i can't afford yet a complete time specialist to handle the program like these programmes.

The VPS plans from Verio appear in the future close but it's still a shared server. I would like a devoted server the easiest way if you want.

Are you aware of anywhere that provides this type of service when i haven't been capable of finding any.


In my opinion OLM may have the ability to supply you what you would like. The website is http://www.olm.net/.

I made use of most of the companies Verio bought plus they were horrible. A Japanese telecomm clients are trying to get Verio now.
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