You (general "you", not forwarded to you, Jury) should read that one, too:

Appears like a number of people have a similar email with similar insufficient notice to shutdown.

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
This is exactly what my pal got today from CT:

After searching using your website, I've recognized the .exe. along with other file
downloads place your site in breach in our Tos, as available at: Because of this,
the website is going to be immediately suspended and won't be re-triggered on This summer
21 at 6:00 PM CST. The only real means by which you'll have the ability to have ongoing
services with this clients are if you choose to decide on a devoted server, in
that the Tos with this service with this company, doesn't
include file distribution. If you don't opt having a devoted
server, we'll keep your account open before the server is made, but other
than that you will find isn't any other option with this particular matter. You are able to research
some of our rivals and you'll find the rules and rules
inside their Tos too. Sorry for that inconvenience, but
please respond as quickly as possible, if I don't hear back of your stuff
by 6:00 PM CST this Friday, you'll be permenantly erased.

Hesitate of Communitech !!! When ne registered for their service there have been NO policy about zip and exe files !

Wehave received numerous demands for Communitech's hosting clients to transfer to

The main reason behind transfer which was told to us was high cpu and/or bandwidth usage. The folks happen to be upset since Communitech claims limitless bandwidth in their selling features.

At Hosting 4 Less we make no such claims we tell our clients precisely what they get and just how much it is.

If you are looking at a business that concentrates on customer support and states on paper exactly what you'll get then plese visit this website at
Ok Mr Hosting 4 less, nobody requested a business recommendation or junk e-mail within this monosodium glutamate, he was simpaly warning people so It is best to don't start lower the road of advertising yourself everybody simply because you found these forums.

Daniel Pearson
UltraSpeed USA~
The operative term within their guidelines regarding file distribution is "primary purpose". You did not publish your friend's URL therefore we have no idea just the number of files he'd for download.

While such notices might not appear enjoyable to get, they're substantially much better than what some hosts do, shut you lower without warning. Take into account that before you decide to protest too noisally. It's really a reasonable and responsible practice for individuals sites which have exceeded their great amount of shared assets.

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Hosting4less is just one of individuals "unlimited" host's...yah 600 megabytes and 25 gigs per month...truly limitless!

Quit bombarding Eric

and PS: i love the way in which your father put a "positive" review on hostsearch
What type of content have you got in your site?

I must understand what Judge Judy needs to say about these kinds of actions/messages?

Communitech includes a terrible status for shutting lower websites *unexpectedly-. Duster, there is no practical distinction between "without notice" and "without warning." Either in situation the website owner is screwed. CT is doing this for a long time. The loudest complainers are UBB customers whose websites happen to be building interest for several weeks or years, so it is not as if your sudden begin visitors are catching everybody at CT unexpectedly.

"It is really a reasonable and responsible practice"

No, it isn't. "Fair" is really a warning the moment a restriction is arrived at *prior to* the termination point, therefore the website owner has the required time to come to a decision and slowly move the website. That's how companies *should* treat their clients.
Present day morning I myself got this mail from Communitech too . Now I am moving to a different host and pray CT will not shut it lower before I move it entirely.

My website is site of two shareware authors, company, the majority of its traffic are our programs - indeed file distribution, whilst not warez, only our very own programs. They're Chameleon Clock and ActiveSkin, URL is

I've been with CT just for on the twelve month and throughout their really bad occasions a year ago. I've supported them.

But my thoughts is starting to alter.

My website has not gottetn that letter but how they are "reading" their TOS appears solution to bounds.

They aren't shutting lower for CPU usage--that's what they're saying. It may sound like shutting lower for copyright reasons more.

They've added something within their TOS that states that sites like Pokemon, wrestling, RPG (games) are non allowed since they're not professional!

Photo archives aren't allowed now. File distribution not allowed despite mp3.

Based on one individual the board, the sales or tech repetition told him that it's okay to possess that mp3 but when it's downloaded it's a distribution!


By this moment I'm with CT, but have started looking around just just in case my website is next. There's nothing copywritten on my small site, and is not even close to the "unlimited" bandwidth (that is really 17 Gig).

CT is constantly on the say it's CPU usage and excessive usage, but after reading through through most of the gripes, carefully staring at the TOS, to see how CT is reacting, soemthing else is happening there.
Initially published by CT USER:
soemthing else is happening there.
Reading through each one of these posts about CT, has truly helped me question exactly the same factor. Does other people think it's strange that the sudden individuals are getting notices their sites is going to be ended through the finish nowadays? A lot of people, and all sorts of have until tonight... Makes me question if CT is within risk in some way, maybe they've been bitten through the "unlimited" bug as well as their provider has given them exactly the same ultimatum? I'm not sure, it is simply a concept. Although it may be a variety of other activities too.

p.s. Do not get the sense I am siding with anybody although I'm sure giving more notice will be the more professional approach to take if someone's clients are vital that you them.


Whoops! There goes another $.02!

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tk, maybe CT got too large too quickly.
Well, watching the board within the last couple of hrs today while at the office things appear to become comparable. It appears like individuals that did not obtain the email are becoming kinda nervous.

I honestly can't determine who's right and who's wrong within this. CT is renowned for carrying this out contributing to last year this happened greatly. Now it's happening again. CT states it's mainly for CPU usage, along with a couple of situation of copyright materials and smashing the TOS.

I do think it's another thing. Unsure what, but it's another thing happening. Allegedly the Boss gave the term and boom it's happening!

It's kinda nerve racking. However I think I discovered a hoster which i like and today starting to research it and find out what others think about it.

For anybody considering choosing CT, they're good overall (we have not had issues with them) however their business tactics really are a little to become preferred.
I have read a great deal about these kinds of companies... ***** is among the worst about shutting people off =( .... Though, Let me create a shameless plug for anyone which do my hosting... ... I have received better service together than I've with other people up to now. I believe it is a more compact company ... twelve people approximately, but it is similar to the power companies, the bigger the host provider, greater it is to buy anything done correctly! Just my 2 cents!


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Oh,</A> C'mon, You'll LOVE
jaie, Exactly why is your ip just like PhUnBOi?
Initially published by Jury:
My website is site of two shareware authors, company, the majority of its traffic are our programs - indeed file distribution, whilst not warez, only our very own programs
Shall We Be Held wrong in convinced that this kind of site (unless of course they will use a cgi file safeguarding script), wouldn't consume much CPU assets which bandwidth is one of the only factor it might consume?

Appears in my experience that CT is, most likely has been, and perhaps always is going to be, the very best illustration of a number stating something they do not offer?

NOTE: please visit the brand new subject I began that attempts to address this problem (about this same board )

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Hi, I host my website on CT, and after reading through this forum, I am a bit scared , the issue is I quite pleased with their feature for example user interface, internet based email, many stats software, subdomain yet others. Please do not think I am marketing this hosting! Therefore if they closed your website, get one individuals found other hosting that provides the characteristics like CT does ? It might be better whether it got lower cost, I'll move my sites also
Well.. CT includes a difficult time getting their customers to know their guidelines. In Addition, I am a little stunned through the discrimination against pokemon sites, rpg sites, etc. In my experience, an expert internet site shouldn't host together since i have often hear numerous complaints about slow service, communication issues, etc. etc. A company is dependent heavily upon uptime, good technical supportOrconversation, etc. etc. Contrary CT is perfect for an individual site not really a business.

I'll be moving soon to CT was ideal for my non-internet site but when they will discriminate against mine, I'll pay more to obtain more elsewhere.
Wait... Update!

Did CT really say that they're getting rid of fan and rpg sites within their AUPs?! I see no reference to it...