I believe that website can get their attention. Hopefully not the legal department, tho.
Case an alert to step back from webhosting.com
Their terrible service and bad billing practices happen to be well recorded by 100s of the clients.

The website http://www.webhostingsucks.com continues to be erected within their recognition.
Guy, I can not even start to let you know the issues I've had with Webhosting.com. Those are the most incompetent ******** to ever open shop. If only to GOD they never have a great title like webhosting.com, a minimum of once they were dynamicweb.com people may not locate them. If only i possibly could place them bankrupt!
Appears like bizland required www.webhostingsucks.com lower. No large surprise.

Only for the record, webhosting.com service has enhanced this a week ago plus they did produce a totally free extension on my small account.

I do not think it is going to last though.
We'll see.

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