I located my website with www.webhosting.com almost 12 months back. Unfortunately my website is obtainable only 5-10 hrs everyday. As well as there's no resolution towards the problems that are reported. Each time when I only say I will cancell the account, nobody there to speak with me. I've got a 12 months contract together. One girl at webhosting explained that they'll never pay your money back after thirty days. And So I am similar to lost my money. It is possible to way I'm able to return my money?

I wish to host my website somewhere. This must be an e-commerce plan. Is DIGIHOST.COM is a great hosting service?

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What type of features do you want?
For additional bad information on webhosting.com, see http://www.dogvox.com/webhosting.htm

Are you currently after Unix or NT hosting?

Unix --&gt http://www.addy.com

NT --&gt http://www.mavcorp.com

Should you compensated by charge card, speak to your bank and tell them you did not get that which you taken care of. They ought to problem a chargeback to webhosting.com. It does not hurt to a minimum of try.

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