Dear Experts,

I'm located in the United kingdom and also have several websites/domains. I'm going through this terrible factor known as time-difference with my Webhoster (the web was suppose to become 24-7?). Once I've got a problem throughout your day, there's no-one awake on the other hand from the Atlantic, meaning there's nowhere that i can go, which leads to 8 hrs down time (time difference United kingdom/Massachussets).

So my real question is - Where would be the British/European webhosters, or even the US-hosters with 24 hrs service?

Gerard Kroese kingdom
Hi, Well You will find a couple of hosts which are Located in the United kingdom... - appear good they've there own "?1 million" DataCenter Though very they're just a little Costly. But i have Heard they've great Support... I have not necessarily Got any info on these men

You will find a couple of United kingdom hosts which are Based here however they locate there servers in a US NOC.. (Like us :-)

Well I think you'll have sucess Obtaining a United kingdom host!

Dominic Buono

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theres also these couple of - - There is a cheap merchant package and therefore are just beginning to show the corner and may eventually be just like they where in the center of this past year. They experienced a really bad patch at some point with tech support team once they didnt have sufficient staff but they're improving. - Servers just like a rock i havent observed each day whether they have been lower just a little pricey should you just host one site there but do excellent discount rates if you buy great deal of services. There email support is slow around 48 hrs to reply to but when you phone them they repair the problem although your on the telephone as well as contact you back . - Service appears a little strange everybody inside firm covers support,sales,accounts and so forth. Prices is nice though. Phone support is nice email support sucks. - I believe they're merchants for kingdom unsure but offer cheap hosting with a decent merchant package. - This is a company id provide a five star rating to from 5 they answer your emails within 8 hrs, there servers are stable and prices is affordable there going to launch a merchant package for ?200 annually. In which you get 400mb of space on the website cobalt raq3i servers.

i understand more for those who have any more questions you are able to message me at or publish here .
Dear Experts,

Interesting suggestions and that i will look around today. Plus i got some replies via e-mail so I'll be busy all day long. I'll return in two months time with my feedback out of this session. Because of to take up their space.

Gerard Kroese kingdom
Really, Gerard, time distinction between The European Union and also the Estern U.S. is 6 hrs, 7 when we are on Daylight Savings Time. We've as much distinction between the Eastern U.S. and our westernmost condition, Hawaii.

Time difference isn't an impossible problem. For example, 9 am to five pm ET matches 3 pm to 12 m in The European Union. Obviously, many website hosts have support available before 9 am and after 5 pm. Some have round-the-clock monitoring (different then round-the-clock support), plus some have round-the-clock support.

You may have some difficulty interacting instantly before noon your time and effort with a few companies, however, you hardly need to hang about until the center of the evening.

So, the thing is, a lot of the U.S. is awake as the same time frame while you. It is simply it's nearer to breakfast for all of us when it is tea here we are at you. :-)

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I'm not sure associated with a european host with round-the-clock service if you won't want to spend out an obscene amount of cash. But I know a minumum of one US host (from general observations) that's "awake" constantly. I'm with plus they haven't unsuccessful me to date.
They've the wonderful policy of full disclosure, that we haven't seen any other vacation spot. They're extremely swift to inform you if something went wrong and what's done about this.

You can mail me for those who have any queries.

Dear Experts,

What's worse - having to pay $15/month an excessive amount of or perhaps a useless host and never being in mid-air? I rather pick the former compared to latter, but opinions differ on that.

One factor is obvious, there's an chance for American webhosters to go in the ecu market as e-commerce/Internet has become obtaining! And That I only had about 4 reactions in the United kingdom to my questions above (13,000 webhosters in america?).

Duster, my 8-hrs difference originates from the next. I haven't received an e-mail from my webhosting company (address Massachussets (apologise for spelling errors)) before 16:00pm Greenwich Mean Time (United kingdom). I gave them an additional hour (not 7 hrs but 8 hrs - I'm too nice), making 16:00pm - 08:00 hrs = 08:00am. Basically follow your information it may be a whole lot worse plus they start at 10:00am/11:00am?!

Really, I had been off by an hour or so. It's a 5 hour difference, and 6 on DST. I understand time setting we me is GMT-5. That certainly does not help make your host look much better. They most likely don't answer e-mails within the first hour or so. No matter the main reason, and I am definitely not making excuses on their behalf, a 5 hour difference is preferable to 6. That puts you in the same differential because the Eastern U.S. and Hawaii.

Imagine Eastern Europe. There is a huge differential, near to a day.

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