After signing up two domains via webprovider .com and establishing the websites with cgi, one for any client, one personally. you know what, i attempt to sign in with no user found, this really is totally baloney. also, soon after signing up, i recieve an e-mail from another hosting company offering free dns hosting for any $35 dollar transfer fee.
I've e-mailed webprovider, totally automated response.dns never resolved to my pages, email never submitted. very disappointed, after my first impression with cgi and email sending, i seem like a chump, Exactly what do i actually do now...? anybody?
Regrettably you've just fallen victim to some host with shocking reliability, insufficient technical support along with other niggly problems. I did previously host in it and even though they were suitable for the very first couple of days, they began getting db troubles which required them offline for days on finish.

It is best to perform a WHOIS on NSI or and appearance when the domain is registered inside your title. If that's the case, try to get all of the relevant administration info if at all possible from Webprovider (including rego address, method, etc.), then transfer off and away to another host.

When the domain is registered in Webprovider's title (which should not be, but it is possible), then... You are just in a little of trouble.

Incidentally, if you are searching for a good free host with CGI, then, or may be worth testing out.

All the best, and publish an answer here if you want more help!
BC, what's "niggly". I believe which i rather like this word and can begin using it myself, if you do not mind.

Niggly...cute ring into it.

Mike Astin

Niggly is Australian slang for 'minor' or intermittent... so niggly is minor/intermittent problems.
During the time of posting I did not possess a dictionary within 1 mile of me
Sure you probably did! I've not acquired a real paper dictionary since i have discovered the entire factor was online!

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worrying, niggle - within the british dictionary - troublsome or irritating inside a petty way.
Just definition Wealthy. During the time of posting I did not possess a dictionary within 1 mile of me

Me too lazy...
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