I've registered this site on www.networksolutions.com now i wish to upload my pages on that may u let me know the entire procedure to do this.Make sure you i have to get it done fast.If u write www.thailandtourists.com
it'll reveal that this website is underconstruction,i wish to upload the web pages,
help me.
Thank u ahead of time.!


To have the ability to set up your internet files you will need to select a host...

You might find a few of the information offered at http://www.HostHelp.com useful during your search because it describes a lot of the terminology you will be seeing around. After you have a concept of which kind of hosting account you need sites like that one can assist you to choose the best host.

You already compensated about 300% a lot more than you ought to have for that domain title, so anything you do, Don't get a website hosting service at Network Solutions, or else you will be investing a significant amount of for the hosting along with the domain title.

It was all i desired to determine about Network Solutions Hosting to understand to remain far....this really is cut and paste using their FAQ:

"Can I upgrade from the 3-page web site to a 6-page site?"

You do not even want the response to that, would you?....hehe

What, don't *you* purchase webhosting, Through The PAGE??? Does not *everybody* ??? My my.

I have got the entire process layed out at http://techcellence.net Check out the best side menu and choose Tips To Get A Site for the Business.

You might be in a rush, however i can't stress how important it's to create the best choice inside a host. Do it yourself money and time if one makes a rash choice and it is the incorrect one.

Chicken and buddies..

It's not necessary to pay through the page. Tthe hosting firm of http://deweycheathamandhowe.com sells through the half page so it's not necessary to purchase any longer than you utilize.

[very large grin]
I began a brand new service....now i sell limitless sentences at


And despite the fact that it's limitless, i sell extra sentences and sentences too.

**If you are using syntax, we'll charge extra.
Hey Greg,

I think you'll provide a partial refund should you leave a participle dangling.
try dogma like a provider , they are relatively inexpensively plus they done well beside me and my website: www.marblemasters.co.uk , and also you caneven visit their help pages which tell u how you can upload everything stuff within the people section , believe me i am adhering for them www.dogma-is.com
Can anybody even let me know just how much bandwidth dogma enables on each account?! I can not appear to locate it. I would not register together unless of course i atleast understood just how much bandwidth they permit, and the things they charge for additional bandwidth. They do not actually have a FAQ or TOS section, atleast will be able to find.

Also, most hosts, including me, have full-featured control sections an internet-based manuals that will help you upload and manage your website.
Dear Sawarkar,

Seriously experts, give Sawarkar a rest. Guide him with the process!

Sawarkar - Don't expect that you'll have the ability to upload inside an hour! It requires a while (days).

The first step is to buy a great webhosting company. You will find 1,000s of these, but be very, careful. You will find many bad ones.

Second step is to buy a FTP-transfer programme, so that you can upload your website. Professionals will have the ability to make suggestions. I personally use WS-FTP from Ipswitch.com. (Dear Matt, I apologise for that promotion.)

Seriously experts, provide him more suggestions about what to do and things to read!

Well, to begin with your wrong...I myself can setup a merchant account within ten minutes, they're then in a position to upload their website.

In case your site required days to setup and obtain an IP to upload to, your host is a lot not fast enough.

I believe he is able to and really should be prepared to have the ability to upload within one hour!

He should email a lot of hosts with similar questions, and find out who replies fast and solutions all of your questions.

My webhosting company explained the next within an e-mail - "Please remember that it may take 2 or 3 days for the domain title to become triggered, it requires this lengthy as the rest of the internet servers on the planet need to recognise your domain title."

And than does Sawarkar do? I am talking about, who not be interested in Thailand via Sawarkar's website?

Second step may be the FTP-programme is not it? There has to be an enormous amount of preference in FTP-programmes?

You receive the IP within one hour, that's about that to upload it.

It's my job to tranfer the domain 1-a couple of days before i subscribe to the host account, when i register, i recieve the IP and also the domain both working inside the hour.

Request Martie....i registered to her hosting at http://www.hostcaters.com a couple of days ago and that i had my domain employed in about fifteen minutes!

I purchased some domains through Bulkregister.com, but I'm not really in a position to alter the IP-adress there. I'm able to alter the title server, however i appear not able to alter the IP-address. It's one default number for the names you purchase there, which appears strange in my experience.

Exactly what do you utilize to upload? There has to be free FTP-programmes around.

Incidentally, is Sawarkar still around?

At BulkRegister, all you need to do is alter the nameservers, and they'll instantly alter the IP #'s to mirror the nameservers you joined, so don't be concerned about this.

Whenever you purchase a domain, you typically (most places) have to set up nameservers immediately...BulkRegister allows you utilize their nameservers automatically, by doing this you can purchase domain names without needing them. So just alter the default ones when you wish to make use of the domain.

I own WS FTP Professional, however i beleive they've an LE version free of charge at http://www.ipswitch.com/ , but i don't know.

I'm not sure if sawarkar continues to be around, i'd assume he's pretty confused now, thinking about he compensated an excessive amount of for his domian, and thought he bought hosting by using it, now he still needs to buy hosting somewhere, and that i hate altering nameservers or other things at NSI, they're so slow making a large amount of errors.

I personally use the WS-FTP Professional-version from www.ipswitch.com. 30 days free evaluation and than pay-time!

Sawarkar ought to be okay, he's only one domain title. The $10/$25 difference isn't bad. This past year, I purchased 15 domains in United kingdom for $125/each since i had not heard about cheaper US-deals. I recieve tears during my eyes after i think about it. I'm pleased by the price of webhosting though. I was expecting to repay to $50-$100/month per domain title.

I have to admit which i expected webhosting to become incorporated within the cope with networksolutions, not less than annually. Bt there is a nice website so us starters fall for this.

What happens for Sawarkar? He or she must come with an e-commerce site and accept orders. That needs installing? (I don't come with an e-commerce site.) Installing works together with FTP too?


it appears everybody really wants to argue between themselves, instead of answer the questions you have.

It appears just like you have bought the domain title via NSI's greater listed internet based solution (the main one at $115ish). Slightly high cost, however your choice. I am much less clued track of this method, when i use Dotster, however i guess the idea is identical.

The very first factor you must do is look for a host company. It is really an important step, while you don't want to need to change hosts soon, because it is a discomfort within the arse. Therefore, sit lower and think what you would like related to your website now and within the next 6 several weeks. This will help build a listing of features you'll need, it's also wise to know of budget.

Use sites like HostInvestigator.com to search for hosts that suit your needs, and therefore are affordable. Draft a narrow your search, and send them an email asking some questions. The information from the questions don't matter much, the primary reason for the excerise would be to measure how quick they respond. If they're slow to reply to prospective clients, it could indicate that you may have slow support response later on. Also publish inquiries to this forum regarding your candidate, and watch for replies.

If you have made the decision in your host, register according to normal. When you get a devoted Ip, you can begin submitted your website via FTP the moment you receive the IP. When you get a shared IP, you are able to still upload immediately through the shared Ip. The webhost will email you instructions about this whenever you register.

Despite Gerard being shot lower in flames regarding time, he's correct. Your website is going to be open to upload immediately, but nobody will have the ability to can get on via your URL for approximately a couple of days once you have up-to-date your NSI config to suggest towards the new server (there is a help file on their own site regarding how to do that). This really is because of propogation round the Internet from the DNS structure. However, for those who have a devoted IP, you are able to refer to it as up inside your internet browser through the IP immediately. If you're a shared IP, the webhost provides you with a brief URL according to your domain title and their own. E.G http://thailandtourists.halfpricehosting.com. Naturally, this isn't what you would like individuals to access by, however it does give the time to test out your site just before others being able to access it.

If you want other things, just request, someone will answer (hopefully!)
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