I'm searching to enroll in website hosting and that i have determined that devoted hosting is going to be suitable for me. Here's my concern: Let me control my risk exposure by reducing the potential of overage charges because of a lot of site visitors or perhaps a DNS attack. Let me stay under $150.

My website is just a couple of gigs however i am wishing (fingers entered) for great site visitors. I will not be streaming videos but you will see plenty of low resolution photos. When the website is effective, I'd rather not be having to pay crazy amounts in overage charges due to our prime quantity of site visitors. Also, if my website is not popular, I certainly don't wish to be having to pay overage charges if my website will get assaulted.

Performance matters, I certainly do not want my pages loading gradually.

What's my best route? Also, just how much is really a typical overage charge?

Thanks ahead of time to anybody who are able to help.
Well basecally you can host it on the fundamental hosting. But since you will host images you may want extra space than the usual fundamental hosting package offers.

Concerning the overage. Most companies will just suspend your hosting for a moment extend the bandwidth limit you've. But many of them will most likely have the ability to change your account totally free.

So if you wish to possess some good space for that pictures and remain under 150$ ( that's an excellent budget even going to purchase a devoted server ) i recommend beginning with a decent vps. Along with the budget you've you'll have the ability to obtain a user interface or perhaps a full handled vps so you won't need to bother about anything.
How large may be the average picture? Is just static hosting, or is there an engaged back finish? If dynamic, it is possible to MySQL component -- if that's the case, when someone sights an image, does which involve a question?

It might be useful to understand much more about just what you do.
You could look at a handled VPS or possibly look for a shared host who are able to use you.
To begin with, thanks greatly for that quick replies as well as for being the kind to assist just with regard to helping. Really awesome.

Therefore the general response appears to become 'do an online server.' That's interesting, an online server is kind of the mid-step from a shared along with a devoted, right? How come everybody appear to point out that? It will not endanger my load-time/lag concerns? May be the primary reason behind recommending an online server since it is cheaper or exist other benefits over devoted servers?

I won't have databases behind the website. The pictures are static. The whole website is static but eventually I'll include some behavior stuff. Just text and pictures for the time being though. The typical picture is all about 175-200KB for quality.

And merely with a in the general reactions to date, I needn't be worried about overage charges because I'm going to be because of the choice to bump myself up right into a better plan first?
Getting devoted only for host 1 website (that is static) and new startup isn't worthy. Try hosting that is shared at beginning. You will get plan like 10GB data with 100GB BW etc. This is going to do for you personally at beginning. You are able to upgrade to VPS anytime whenever your site visitors (&lifier load) increases. You've good budget try not to waste it on things you don't need at this time (this really is my estimation). Plan first. Decide your requirement &lifier never opt for limitless. You will find many reliable hosts available.
a handled vps appears to suit your budget and requirement
if you are searching for devoted server with this particular budget, there'd be several choices. however the configuration is just overage ok for those who have pretty high needs on bandwidth/security.
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