I've alll these setup on my small home windows 95 and PWS machine. The page is running fine on my small machine. Is the any website hosting site that will allow this ? otherwise is the every other method to achieve these.


1. JVM on Home windows 95/NT
2. Have to copy a category to winnt/java/trustlib
3. Have to register a dll.
4. Have to setup CLASSPATH Variable to suggest to Jar Files.
5. Need IIS4. or over.
6. Need ASP Support.
7. Have to copy a dll to /winnt/system32

Thanks ...
I doubt it, not for under $99 monthly anyway. I suggest a minimal-cost NT devoted server. Signing up .dll etc.. is recognized as a burglar risk, additionally, it reduces assets, there a couple of hosts that will permit this, and individuals which do this get it done on the situation per situation basis.
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