I'm able to most likely work something by helping cover their you. Drop me an e-mail at and we'll chat.

Keep in mind that generally having a devoted server you absolutely must have a really solid knowledge of unix, security, amongst other things, and in most honesty, it'll clearly cost you plenty more to obtain the project off the floor.


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I've been presently around the search for any good host for an organization I wish to launch. Essentially what I wish to do is really a network of entertainment sites (hosting) but on the lesser scale. Max around 100-200 clients at it's peak.

I've been searching around for fundamental web-hosts, however, many that provide unmetered space frequently have caps on bandwidth, ftp's, e-mail add's etc.

I must keep my costs between $100-$200/month to begin and I'm wondering if anybody had good quality reccommendations for hosts that will possess the services to satisfy me.

Knowing that, will it be more worth my while to rent a devoted server. However, that does get pricey for that high quality ones.

I'd appreciate any feedback you are able to offer.

Reasonably, nearly any host includes a cap on bandwidth. Now you ask , whether you'll have enough visitors to hit the cap. Additionally, there are the the cpu usage factor.

Should you expect that lots of accounts, you ought to have a devoted server. A Cobalt RAQ may be great for beginning out, though many people report that they're only great for about 75 accounts or less.

You may be best just beginning by having an Apple architecture Linux server. It is not as pricey as you may think, although it is much more compared to $200 you've alloted. Dialtone Internet comes with an excellent status and it has prices near to your figure.

I've tutorials on my small site for individuals a new comer to server management. A lot of it is specific to DI, while much is applicable to the Linux server. You can observe it at (right side menu), together with other useful Internet related information.

Eventually, you will need a devoted server. You may would like to allow it to be sooner and obtain began around the learning curve immediately.

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