1. http://www.dts-net.com/
2. http://www.can-host.com/


PS I am searching hosting for non-profit project www.freesco.org, ~25MB space, ~10 GB traffic, ~$12 p/m, RELIABLE!
www.futurequest.com is reliable however their 25MB plan has "only" 5GB transfer.

Other worth checking is http://www.tera-byte.com/ 99$/year 99MB 20GB

I believe they are doing also run spaceports.com (offers free webspace)

I have heard bad reasons for can-host and otherone isn't familiar in my experience
Can One understand what bad you learned about us?

We always try whenever possible to listen to what everybody needs to say about website hosting or particularly us to fix what's wrong.

There is a thread upon us earlier (30 days ago approximately) and also the outcome made us change some particulars on our hosting plans. We're always prepared to discuss any problems or issues you want to discuss.

[F?lix C.Courtemanche Web Design Service]
[Mind Designer Co-Admin]
[website owner@can-host.com]
[Can-Host Systems http://can-host.com ]

Our organization offers Non-Profit discount rates. For Which you've pointed out, we can provide you with all that for $20.00 monthly. If you do not need much bandwidth, we are able to most likely fare better. Our non-profit website is still within the works, but you can e-mail me to learn more.

Mike Astin
sorry but can not be spesific - It might have been the problem you pointed out or it had been another thing...

I believe it's being a little unfair to if you have heard bad reasons for a business, simply to say you cannot be specific. Generally domain companies arn't here to protect themselves, along with a comment like this might cause a trustworthy company to become tainted having a bad repetition..

I am surprised no more companies distingish between non-profit making accounts and balances, because individuals who are able to re-sell pop3s, webspace etc can produce a hell of lots of money, and may be having to pay more consequently. ?
I have selected can-host.com. Still happy

pmarsh is wrong, only by degree. It's very unfair to create comments as if you did (about can-host.com )which are unverified. Nevermind that they're legally actionable, when you are defaming the smoothness of the business and also you can't support it using the truth, it's highly dishonest and immoral.

Let's suppose someone stated they heard you had been a young child molester or crook, but could not can remember the specifics. You'd be justifiably upset at someone distributing unproven gossips that may negatively affect your status. That is your work.

Forums such as this are useful whenever we share our encounters with one another about website hosts, both good (the couple of) and bad (the numerous), as well as an essential component to ensure they are helpful may be the truth, not gossip, gossips or imaginings.

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This is a great lesson for people (myself incorporated). Just publish.

You are welcome. Many people have to be reminded that there might be effects to squerolous claims, both privately and more. It is going beyond what's legal as to the is appropriate.

Distributing gossips like this affects the status of the individual distributing them. They'll be regarded as hard to rely on, a gossip monger, whose claims aren't to become reliable.

A great rule for people to follow along with is, when we haven't experienced it, can't prove it, can't indicate a reference about this, then don't say it.

A lot of us (a lot of) have experienced bad encounters with a number of website hosts. I understand that in almost any review, I wish to know specifics, both concerning the rater, their experience and background, their anticipation, and just what their problems were with the organization or service being examined.

After I published the particulars of my uncomfortable relationship with AIT (aitcom.net) I published the whole messages between their customer injustice manager, insufficient support department, and myself, totally unedited (I even left within the original typos). This way, nobody would need to take my word for this (other the messages were authentic) and may judge on their own how poor the service was. One respondent here even said around the poor attitude of the customer injustice manager being the main one factor most importantly else that place them from consideration for him.

Justness is one thing much more of us should shoot for. As the primary reason for a lot of us (as clients) is to locate a reliable host, as well as for some companies to locate clients, among the ancilliary benefits is the fact that we are able to help to improve some website hosts (individuals having a receptive attitude), and perhaps shape area of the industry.

Can-host.com is an ideal illustration of that. Per month approximately ago, I had been certainly one of individuals critical of the site and also the impression it gave of these. These were no more than four several weeks old at that time making an error. They replicated exactly the same buzz words and terminology misused by a lot of others, including a lot of companies that aren't to become reliable.

They learned from that mistake and remedied their how do people be accurate in reflecting the help they offer. They should be recommended for your, not belittled for past mistakes.

I am glad to determine the likes of them, Frank Rietta's atlantawebhost.com, yet others, which are honest within their choices making no make an effort to trick clients. It is crucial that we be truthful about any organization because it helps all of us in slecting a trustworthy host. Better ones follows suit and abandon lies (marketing terms) utilized by mistake as the ones to prevent continues to allow the learned customer by ongoing to vow the things they can't deliver.

A lot of us know to prevent promises of limitless bandwidth, having to pay a 1 time fee for life of hosting, having to pay an entire year ahead of time or carrying out to some year for any shared server, and other alike signs and symptoms of companies to part us from your money without praising their contractual obligations and ethical comittments.

The reality separates the reliable and also the not among website hosts. This is also true of thos eof us who comment about the subject.

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