Dear all,
4g iphone week i've been after this problem below:
i've using vbulletin 3.8.7, i acquired some occasions database error, and so i am repair the database via phpmyadmin.
then all table is showing 'ok'
but cybvilxh_visitors table differs, what dose mean these details, and why happen this, kindly explain me.

myuser.cronlog repair status OK
myuser.customavatar repair status OK
myuser.customprofilepic repair status OK
myuser..cybvilxh_visitors repair warning Quantity of rows transformed from 2737 to 2735
myuser.cybvilxh_visitors repair status OK
myuser.cyb_logintouser repair status OK
myuser.datastore repair status OK
just shows mysql is fixing the tables by looking into making updates
myuser..cybvilxh_visitors shows 2 rows were erased.
"myuser.cybvilxh_visitors repair status OK"
You don't need to worry, it states ok. Later on in case your database crashed make use of this procedure.
Visit admin clubpenguin > Maintenance > Repair &lifier Optimize tables > choose that table > repair

You might want to run which more than once until it states the table is alright
this means two rows within the table erased due to the repair.
dear all,
i've understanding after i fixed database, however i wanna know why lost 2 raw posts? how stop this, sometime effect this.
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