I'm searching for a webhost to host my small enterprise that I will be beginning. I want a minimum of the next minimal:

50MB of space
2GB of Bandwidth
CGI/PHP support
Top Of The Page Support
A great and simple to use control pannel.
one month money-back guantee

All for less than $ 20 per month.

If anybody could please refer me to some host that matches these specs and it has reliable connections/good support I'd be very grateful.
You will find a myriad of hosts that suit that bill (us incorporated). I am sure you will get lots of reactions out of this (mine incorporated ).

Hosting Matters, Corporation.
Hi! To be sure with Annette...there are plenty of excellent reliable hosts which will fit individuals needs, company, we provide a 50MB plan too. If you're just beginning your research, check forums for feedback in addition to looking at the possibility host, through emails, and when possible maybe some current clients. Best Of Luck!!

HostCaters.Com http://www.hostcaters.com
We're an authorized Website Provider for Microsoft? FrontPage? 2000 (much like many hosts) this will let you arrange for $17.50/month that meets your needs. Have fun with your brand-new business!

Chuck Fox
No setup charges!
Everything you stated are in http://www.jrc-hosting.com/ for $14/month

There is a great user interface (located on Alabanza's network) along with a extremely fast and friendly support team.

Should you register, mention Scott Intarapanont or iRebound.com and you will do not have to purchase setup fee.

P.S. I do not work with JRC-Hosting.

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