Okay, I have simplified it to some-1 hosting and Telaweb simply because they possess the most bang for that buck within the under $10, 50MB+ range.
I want custome-cgi and also the choice to come to be something bigger without penalty. I would like mySQL, and type of like the thought of getting a provided user interface but tend to build my very own. Telaweb is presently offering this deal now where they'll provide you with 2 yrs for that cost of 1, but they have been bought by another company, and that i here services are suffering. Really, I have attempted calling to obtain solutions to my questions, but no-one there appears to possess solutions. I would like any feed back about these hosts from individuals who had been clients as well as in the hosts themselves. True, I have not attempted to make contact with A-1 as their solutions appear well recorded on their own site also it concurs with what's published here.
Also, I'd also enjoy having several domains in various folders on a single site, i.e. www.mydomain.com, www.myseconddomain.org, etc.
Comments, suggestions and feedback from clients of those hosts and also the hosts are greatly appreciated!


If you're having to pay less that $15 per month expect poor service or slow machines. It never ceases to amaze me how frequently people pay $10 then complain becuase their questions were not clarified by support or even the machine is lower. There's a very good reason Verio and Interland, the biggest hosts, charge $20+...A number of any signicant size can not be run for $10 a website. If you dont mind slow technical support along with a possibly slow site, then each one...should you be prepared to operate a business site, look elsewhere. Basically lose even one purchase because my website is lower it is me a minimum of $50, that we might have spent having to pay a better host.
Marksy, interesting reply. Point taken. However, this really is my budget! I type of got accustomed to foreseeing things out personally on the free site. At this time, I am interested in a website that's reliable and does not have individuals annoying huge ad banners floating over my page with every new link. I suppose I figured free pages were generally reduced than anything I possibly could purchase. Isn't that the situation?
That statement that $10.00 host aren't reliable isn't right, most of them might be this way but not every one of them. I offer full packages for $13.00/month which includes all the treats,( User Interface around the Alabanza Network, free SSL, mySQL and much more) and also the support that clients deserve. Click here http://www.hostsearch.com/showcommen...Companycode=57 and you'll see some happy clients which are having to pay a really fair cost for his or her services, and finding the best support that most of them have ever received. So that your statement is extremely wrong and my reviews prove it. I'm not getting wealthy however i am supplying an excellent service in a fair cost and my clients like it and that i convey more registering every single day.

JRC Systems http://jrc-hosting.com
No, sometimes free servers could be faster...A minimal budget host will pack as numerous domain names on the server as you possibly can and many have in all probability little understanding of balancing traffic or how to deal with bursting. Individuals who guarantee limitless traffic often fall under el born area. I actually do understand financial constraints, I simply desired to make certain you and more consider a number of individuals issues. The main difference from a $10 and $19 host can be quite significant, and it is really only $108 annually..not too much within the grand scale of things.

I am sure you have a great service, and Alabanza is a terrific way to go, we've 3 servers together. Used to do say a number of size...I imagine you are able to serve a small amount of sites effectively and that i take nothing from that. But you have to continue to obtain more sites to outlive so that as you need to do your response some time and service are affected...it goes without saying of existence all of us accept. Alabanza's stuff, as nice because it is, has some bugs, and you'll have problems. With no devoted staff (whoch cost's some $$) you just can't provide plan to a sizable # of clients. We've 2000+ domain names and want quite a large staff to aid them adequately.

Only a host being honest - basically sell a website for $8 or $9, shall we be held really gonna take the time to search right into a problem if I'll only lose $90-$100 in the event that domain leaves? Most likely not - anybody who informs you otherwise is laying or has so couple of sites they do not realize the need for their time. We charge at an amount that enables individuals to expect a particular degree of service. All hosts that be prepared to be effective is going to do exactly the same. Ok, throw me the warmth with this but eventually every host makes business choices according to financial aspects.

KBS Website Hosting http://www.netfronts.com

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I'm most likely the one which got this board off subject, however it pisses me off when some noisy mouth no everything will easily notice people the way i run my company. He's no clue what he's speaking about, and that i have discovered that individuals who enjoy putting others lower get it done to ensure they are selves look better. I visited this clowns page and that he also offers $10.00 plans and so i have no clue what he's speaking about, individuals glass houses shouldn't throw gemstones. So I'm sorry to get this off subject it is only hard that i can stay quiet when some blow hard is putting the likes of mine lower to ensure they are selves look better. They ought to depend by themselves merit, however, many can no do this I suppose or they've no merit of there own. I additionally found a little odd he sent us a email but declined to reply to the questions which i sent him. Well that's my 2 cents worth I'm done, sorry for playing your publish.
Thanks everybody for the replies. They have been helpful advice. However, Let me attempt to bring things back in line. Because of the constraints of my budget, the parameters I am thinking about, and understanding the hosts, whom can you pick? Or, are their any hosts available within these parameters who are recognized to be reliable?
Really, I have sent a few pre-determined questions to both hosts by which I am interested, nor responded. That's pretty pathetic. I suppose I am best for the time being remaining having a free host. Prohosting is exactly what I have used. There used to be bannerless free space. I'm able to understand the necessity to introduce ad banners to defray costs, but they are still obtaining the kinks from it. The ad banners are extremely large. It requires up another of my screen. In addition, for those who have cgi's, you don't only obtain a banner in every frame, you receive a pop-up window ad too. It's very frustrating. They _are_ an excellent host. I haven't any site visitors to talk of inside my site yet. It isn't really ready anyway. But simply trying out the web pages is frustrating. Every click yields a banner _and_ a pop-up ad. I truly enjoy determining new methods for exhibiting stuff in javascript, cgi and html.
I believe I'll request whether they can give a service much like what geocities once had where you'll have a space without advertisements for a small charge. I did not mean to awaken rivalries within the hosting ranks. Really I've found it encouraging to understand somebody that hosts available is listening.


We did not get any e-mail of your stuff. For those who have taken anything here personally you will want to re-think the website hosting business. You clearly operate on feelings as opposed to a seem strategic business plan. Enjoy it or otherwise, one-guy shops don't give sufficient plan to most people. 'Blow Hard'? If telling people the simple truth is your definition i quickly guess I am guilty. Any argument you are able to realistically formulate might be shot lower...emotional reactions aren't too impressive in my experience.

Please close this conversation. It is really perplexing, but yet, I am not
getting solutions within this venue.

Please just finish it.


Perhaps a final note... perhapse you need to have a look around a bit more, make a price comparison, send bills, request questions.

I do not beleive the cost has anything related to the standard from the services (unless of course it's far too cheap) because generally, just one client wont spend the money for website hosting company. But 1000's of satisfied clients will.

Oh, just a little pub here... have a look at our services too, so that you can compare! http://services.can-host.com/?url=hosting

For those who have any queries or need assistance concerning every other issues, you can e-mail me.

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[Mind Designer Co-Admin]
[website owner@can-host.com]
[Can-Host Systems http://can-host.com ]
I have tried personally addr.com. Their services are great and also the uptime reliable, however their support leaves something to become preferred. It usally takes three days to obtain any reaction to an issue. It's been over 4 days and 20 e-mails looking to get assist with a MySQL database which was not setup properly. I've also found what they can control panel to become basically useless. Possibly, there's a great cheap host around that responds to e-mails, however i haven't thought it was yet.

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