I'm presently searching for a brand new webhost getting had bad experience from gx hosting . My website includes a fundamental cgi based chatroom. I've looked several sites. I usually take a look at their conditions and terms since i have can't stand hidden surprise. Many of them really prohibit cgi chat rooms. Can anybody recommend me good quality companies? Thank you
There's grounds most hosts disallow CGI chat rooms.

A lot of companies disallow CGI chat rooms, since they are CPU hogs. They need to refresh every two seconds, eating up CPU some time and bandwidth.

A fantastic option is really a java based chatroom.
You will find many hosts that offer you decent java based chat rooms.

Which cgi chatscript could it be?. i understand for certain that e-chat version 4.2 and everychat 3.6 are extremely light around the server.

CGI-Chats that occupy massive levels of assets are - ralfs chat, DashChat(roftlmao ripoff of everychat) and Chat professional.
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