I made use of servercentral.net There is a special, $15 annually.
Got an e-mail from their store, saying when they switch the data, I would get billed $35 annually by network solutions.
Well He!!,. I possibly could have just registered together to start with since i have have 3 others there!!!!
I simply registered for any .com address at certainly one of individuals locations that offer $20 annually registration so when Used to do a whois onto it, I discovered the administrative, billing and technical is registered for them. Just the registrant address is mine.

Did I simply get conned to save $15??
Although I'd alter the admin contact for you, if you're listed because the owner you ought to be ok. I don't know the way they accept changes (usually person listed because the admin contact is the one that makes them changes when i think you realize).
Chicken is appropriate, obtain the admin transformed for you. Whether it's them, it provides them the only energy to simply acceptOrdecrease transfers.

Mike Astin
http://www.resellerinfo.com - A totally free merchant website (not far off!)

Who have you register the title with?
Nevermind, got another reply, the data continues to be transformed over. Appears like I'm going to be I'm going to be keeping them on my small list.
Glad to listen to you're being listed as admin!
Hey Now Brwon Cow,

You will find many registrars since InterNIC opened up competition. Some allow it to be much simpler to alter things than your current one, and therefore are cheaper as well. For example, 000domains.com, the main one I personally use, charges $13.50. More to the point, you may make changes very easily, even altering the registrant (at no cost, unlike NSI).

You open a merchant account and may administer a lot of domain names from this. Whenever you register a brand new domain, it begins by parking it on their own servers and listing them as technical contacts. You are able to go into the contacts whenever you register, and alter them anytime.

When you're prepared to move your domain for an active server, it could not be simpler. You use towards the Manage Your Bank Account section, go into the hsoting company domain title, also it looks up and fills within the title servers and IP addresses. You will find the choice to overwrite the choices (like for companies with multiple title servers), however they allow you.

I understand for certain that you could even alter the registrant, not only correct spelling, but change it out completely, also it will not set you back anything (again, unlike NSI. You will find others that provide similar services. You may fare better than your current registrar.

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000domains.com is great!
Great cost &lifier easy setup.

TICOVISTA - 1Costa Rica Internet Search Engine &lifier Directory
Additionally to 000domains.com you may also take a look at:
joker.com $12/year
jumpdomain.com $14.99/year
directnic $15/year

Bogdan Golubin
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