Are you currently happy with your internet-host? Do they provide you with great uptime? Publish here, I would like to try them out!!
Most Alabanza hosts may have excellent uptime, although based on Netwhistle a few of their servers have experienced some infrequent connection timeouts and starts over previously month approximately. If you want a little listing of Alabanza hosts, look into the publish 'Alabanza resellers'.

In most cases, Unix/Linux hosts may have a *slightly* better average uptime, because of the forced re-startup with WinNT servers each time a problem or upgrade happens (e.g. setting up a brand new module ASP script errors/loops running overtime, etc.). However, if you want, use tools like Netwhistle , Netmechanic along with a couple of other tools pointed out inside a previous publish (search within the forum) and get it done on the couple of days, and find out what you'll get.

That stated, my host with excellent uptime (company, it's Alabanza-based) is Below $10 Host @
WinNT servers often get restarted because website hosts haven't taken time to learn to stop the necessity to reboot.

A Home windows 2000 server is, however, a great deal better. I presently possess a Win2K and WinNT server at Interland, along with a WinNT server at HalfPriceHosting. The Interland WinNT server was lower once within the last 6 several weeks (based on NetWhistle), the HPH one lower a minimum of every second day and also the Win2000 at Interland hasn't been lower.

Were presently around the alabanza network, and also, since we began there our server continues to be lower once which i are conscious of for any couple of minutes, which was for any router change or something like that. Thats the things they stated after i requested them about this anyways. Apart from that it has been great and were real happy here.

-Brendan Brader
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