Hey All,

I'm interested of NT hosting companies, and located some interesting ones:

** catalog.com

Essentially, I want NT plan that supports a few of the NT features including ODBC, MS Access, good user interface, technical support, Frontpage 2000 extension,internet search engine submission, ASP components. Any of these is nice? Or any recommendations?

I haven't examined the ones you listed, however i will have a recommendation for that NT host that I have tried personally and sold again for during the last 24 months.

Intermedia.NET (www.intermedia.net) has 3 different plans which cover a lot of the characteristics your desire, and also have a user interface which i haven't yet see capped anywhere by anybody (if anybody can provide one with the options that come with intermedia's in the same or better prices I'll happily consider them).

Intermedia is certainly not bargain listed, which means you will not discover the works best for $15.00 per month, but they're reasonably listed, and For me, the have among the best options opting for shared NT hosting.

Hope this can help,


Thomas A. Kangas
Ray, A great host for you may be Openhosting.co.united kingdom dont disassociate with the united kingdom part they're seriously a great company i've got a domain located together plus they kick ass. There account product is good which means you always know what is happening together with your account. Tech support team is fast ive never anxiously waited a lot more than 8 hrs for any reply. Factor isn't sure should they have there register system ready yet so you may want to mail sales@openhosting.co.united kingdom. They are attempting to devolp a script that produces accounts within a few minutes.
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