Does anybody believe that the brand new .ws extension will become popular to the stage where it causes it to be worthwhile to buy them for the company?

Are you aware of anybody with them?

I do not fully realize. Maybe some+ letter ones becasue it is exactly the same cost as network solutions(The Us dot Com.plicated People). However think they are getting a little greedy with $250 annually(two year minimum payment) for 3 letter domains. It is simply a title! I understand individuals have made tons off selling domain names, but nonetheless... $500 for any title is waaay an excessive amount of. $70 for me is simply too much.

Justin K.
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Lots of forecasts happen to be made about computer related issues through the years, and several happen to be wrong. Nevertheless, I do not think the different country domain names will become popular to the stage where they become as commonplace as .com, .net and .org.

Consider the present situation for example. Most domain names in nations outdoors the U.S. still choose .com over their very own country domain. That has not stopped various nations from marketing their country domain names as a substitute when the domain you would like was already registered underneath the best three options.

This is exactly why we have seen .cc, .ws yet others. In my opinion it's Modava/Moldavia which has the .md country domain. They've been selling sign ups confined to doctors all over the world.

IANA and ICANN are focusing on several alterations in the registration system, from alterations in the IP system to more TLD (top level domain names). The extra TLDs will further prevent the country domain names from really increasing in popularity. The role of country domain names will probably remain those of indicating country of origin (generally) instead of instead of the best three.

Obviously, NSI yet others will attempt to convince you otherwise and can happily register your domain under various country domain names, for any hefty cost, especially thinking about yearly renewal.

Do as you desire, however i wouldn't waste the cash.

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To be sure with Duster. Another indicate add is look whatsoever the branding completed with ".com". I'd hesitate to obtain a .ws unless of course I additionally possess the .com because eventually (most likely sooner) your potential clients will accidently, as well as deliberatly, visit the .com anyway. And when they merely recall the second level domain then you've lost them forever given that they will assume ".com".

Chuck Fox
I additionally would accept Duster. To consider it one step further, I'd never (and advise my clients likewise) register b .net or .org title unless of course I additionally own the .com. When the .com is not available, probably it might be a competitor that is the owner of it. So, if you choose to use .net, you will be delivering many people (who connect .com by habit) for your competitor. This is applicable towards the .ws and all sorts of others too. If you cannot obtain a particular .com, think about another .com that's available.

Steve Wood
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I have only one comment relating to this matter, us dot com will be the 800# from the internet...
Agreed... I've an 877 toll-free number. Quick poll: the number of individuals don't understand that 877 is toll-free?

For private sites I suppose it does not matter much, however i found myself typing .com set for communitech (for instance). I do not register the .net's wishing that somebody will register it, create a popular site, and send hits my way
Totally decided on all sights. I can not see .ws becoming popular, despite all of the hype the marketing machines are putting into them (for instance, perhaps you have observed that many of them have stated .ws means 'world site', when .ws continues to be a current TLD during the last 5/6 years?)

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