I receive hosting from the organization that does the majority of my professional webmastersing.

I receive thrird-level hosting for my www.mydomainname.com Site in a modest fee.

Issue is when my third-level domain is joined inside a browser like a second-level domain (with no being approved www. prefix) another from the company's domain names seems.

I believe will be able to get people accustomed to while using qualified www.mydomainname.com but how about the search engines like google.

I heard that SEs (rumored that AltaVista) will pressure second-level domain names. In the event that were the situation, my website would become invisible.

Shall We Be Held totally off-base? Shall We Be Held missing something? Exactly what do I actually do?
Should you own that domain then ask them to repair it to ensure that without or with the www it'll see your website.
This seems like a vintage situation of the shared IP system. Essentially when someone makes its way into www.yourdomain.com or yourdomain.com within their internet browser, a DNS server is queried to obtain the Ip from the site. So for eg.

HostInvestigator.com - www.HostInvestigator.com -

The request will be direct to server using the corresponding Ip. Some hosts provide a unique IP with every domain, so whatever domain names indicate that IP the webserver will respond (using the correct site). However due the shortage of Insolvency practitioners many website hosting companies use shared IP whereby several customer shared exactly the same IP.
www.whylistentome.com - www.whatdayisittoday.com - www.mycompany10.com :

When the net server gets to be a request, it searches for the header within the request to determine what site sould be sent. Within this situation both www and non-www indicate the right webserver, however since they're utilizing a shared IP system the webserver also needs to be setup the react to the right domain names. Presently your webserver is going to be setup like:
www.yourdomain.com - c:sitesclient15

Request your website hosting provider to change their server configuration therefore the non-www version of the domain names points towards the correct directory/site. Or even better request these to place you on the static IP.

I am sure their are a handful of better explanation around the net, sorry for that confusion
It's rather simple to repair. On Unix/Linux systems, there's personal files that directs domain names towards the proper directory (I believe it's access.conf however i forget. It may be httpd.conf). If your domain is specified with and with no www within this file, then you will don't have any problem.

In my opinion that what is happening would be that the Ip you share is registered towards the domain that pops up once the www sits dormant on yours. Whenever your domain's location is specified with no www, the machine does not know precisely where you can send queries. The Ip you share is really as close as it can certainly get.

I believe your fears of Alta Vista shedding the www are groundless. The task associated with a internet search engine is to locate sites, not hide them or pressure these to comply with dictates associated with a internet search engine.

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