Has anybody attempted www.smartscripts.co.uk? appears just like a nice idea, however i haven't attempted it personally... i'd appreciate anyone's opinion before i spend anything... -)
They appear to become speaking about load balancing your sites. This boosts a few pre-determined questions:

1) How can they redirect your traffic. Do all of your hits need to go through them first, plus they redirect towards the best reacting site?

2) How can they are fully aware the very best reacting site for any user in Washington, when they're testing the websites in the United kingdom.

It appears as if you need to register with increased that certain host company to take advantage of the (to allow them to possess a significant redirect). Therefore, you are able to most likely pull off Round Robin DNS (RRDNS). This is when a number title, eg. www.webhostingtalk.com is resolved to some IP addresses. i.e. returns the very first time, next time etc.

Also, you'll need to be certain of keeping condition, and replicating backends if you are using this kind of system.

In either case, it is not worth having to pay smartscripts to operate an expensive RRDNS available to get it free of charge.

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